Discount Air


How can our installation prices be so low  for a top quality, name brand, install?

We only install 14 seer equipment. 

Base models are bought in bulk to keep the price down, and simplicity equals lower prices

​We do not service air conditioners. 

We are more than capable of taking care of warranty issues that arise, but dedicated service crews require much more overhead

We have low or no advertising costs.

Chances are you found us on google or heard about us from a friend or family member. We know you didn't find us in the newspaper or hear us on the radio. We don't have a fancy multi-page website. That is all high cost advertising and is not our business model.

We require scheduling flexibility from you the customer.

This is where the big cost savings comes from. We use installation crews from our parent company. They always have cancellations, half day jobs, or other gaps in their schedule that go unused. If we are able to fit your installation in these gaps we can pass on significant savings. Your installation might need to be scheduled at the last minute to take advantage of a cancellation, or take a couple of afternoons to complete. Your flexibility allows us to install at the lowest possible price.



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What we install
Our prices are too low to advertise brand names, but it is equipment always ranked at, or near the top in consumer ratings. It will be factory new with a complete factory warranty

Who we are 
An HVAC installation company specializing in providing the highest quality installs at the lowest possible prices.
-Established company in business for over 45 years. 
-Licensed and Insured for your safety and peace of mind.
- All Employees pass a drug screening and background 
       check before being allowed in your home.

See our  prices below

Complete System Prices
Includes a 14 SEER system (AC,furnace, coil), labor,  permits, 1 year labor warranty.
Additional for vent, refrigerant lines. 
2    Ton System    $3489    
2.5 Ton System    $3503
3    Ton System    $3611
3.5 Ton System    $3732
4    Ton System    $3794
5    Ton System    $4139
Excludes horizontal applications, electrician, carpentry
New vent                                               $325
New refrigerant lines                           $495